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4k software zoom

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Hello all,

Newbie question here. I have a Hero Session 5 and a Sony Camcorder. I use the camcorder to record soccer games because I can use its zoom capability. But the camcorder doesn't even look all that good in 1080p. My GoPro looks much better. But I got to thinking, maybe I can record in 4k on my GoPro and then just use the zoom (crop/pan) feature on my Movie Studio software to simulate a zoom. I figure that if I record in 4k, I should be able to zoom in and see with a lot of detail because I am recording in such a high resolution. But when I zoom in at an object at 25 yards using my software, the object is not sharp, but blurry. I was hoping for more clarity using 4k. I realize that my computer monitor is not at 4k resolution. I am sure there are other factors, I am sure. I am building the video as an MP4 using 3840x2160 resolution. Perhaps what I am trying to achieve is not really doable, or the camera was not designed for this. Has anyone attempted to do something like this?

Thanks for the patience on the noob question.


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Re: 4k software zoom

Your camcorder (not sure what model) may not be a HD cam corder, hence the reason it doesn't look good in 1080P.  However it will most likely have a flatter lens than the GoPro (which has a fisheye type of lens) and it also has a zoom feature (which is optical based).


On the other hand, everyone will tell you that you should always go with an optical zoom over a digital zoom because of quality issues usually associated with digital zooming or enhancement.


You may want to check out your sequence settings when using Movie Studio, just because you import a 4K video, it doesn't mean you're getting 4K quality.  If youre default sequence is 1080P for instance, then you're getting a downgraded from 4K to 1080P sequence.  


I honestly however don't think you're going to get the quality that you want from zooming in on a 4K image.  Remember, that 4K is going to look good when it's recording across the entire FOV, but the minute you try a digital zoom you're going to lose quality.