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4K download error - Solutions?

So I have read a lot about the reasons I am getting an error when trying to download my 4K footage to my iPad, however not one solution.


Here is what is happening - I have taken many videos in 4K, I connect my camera to the iPad via wifi and I can see, play and take photo grabs using the Gopro App, however sometimes I cannot download the video to the iPad. Yesterday I took 5 long videos, I see them all when the camera is connected, but 1 will not download. I put the sd card into a reader on the pc, it doesn’t even see the footage from the clip that will not download. 


So two questions -


How can I download this on my iPad, is there another app that will allow me to take footage from my iPad? 


How can I use my pc to see and download the footage from my sd card? I know it is on there, but the pc cannot see it! 



I have the latest ios on an iPad 4 mini

The pc is running the latest version of Win10








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Re: 4K download error - Solutions?


Hi @garyt7006,


Is there a specific error message or code?

Please let us know so we can provide a solution. 

Also may I know the settings used to take those videos?