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4K @ 60fps and 30fps in the same montage video ?

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so if my montage is made of video shooting in 4k and some in 1080p its gonna look ugly right ?  but if shooting witth same resolution 4k but different FPS, 60 and 30 ...  is the difference will be barely noticeable or i rather go with the same fps ???

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Re: 4K @ 60fps and 30fps in the same montage video ?

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First, what are you using to edit your video and how will you be viewing the finished video? You can easily mix footage (frame rates and resolutions) but what makes the biggest difference is the Sequence setting you use for your timeline and your export settings.

For frame rate, you just want your project settings to match your slowest fame rate. You will want to use a 29.97 fps sequence if you are mixing 30fps and 60 fps together. You can also use 120fps and 240fps. If you use 24fps and mix it with higher frame rate video clips, then you want to use 23.97


The same pretty much applies to resolution as well. Placing 2.7K and 4K video into a 1080p timeline sequence looks very good. You just need to scale the video. When you export, you can export as a 4K video if you want to, just be sure to use a higher bitrate.

Here are some examples of videos that were shot with several different resolutions and frame rates using the HERO5 Black HERO5 Session HERO6 Black and HERO7 Black. I used a 1080p sequence and then exported as 4K. (Not the greatest videos, but the image looks good. Be sure to change the playback resolution to the highest you can).


You might not be able to adjust the resolution by watching the embeded videos here, so you can use the links below each video to take you to YouTube so you can change it to 4K.


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