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Re: 360 footage Pixelated

Really appreciate all the advice guys. I will change settings in Fusion, studio and adobe on my next recording. I'm a noob to this stuff, again cheers!
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Re: 360 footage Pixelated

I spent a little time over in the Adobe Premiere Pro forums and found some interesting advice (I haven't tried these yet, but thought they were worth sharing).

h.264 is limited to 4K. As such, Fusion vr videos should be exported with the HEVC h.265 codec (YouTube support this, so it should be fine). Additional advantage, the overall video file size will be reduced (all other settings being equal).

Selecting "Render at Maximum Depth" Should NOT be used if you have a GPU. This option is to tell the CPU to process with GPU-style math. It has nothing to do with bit-depth of either the export or in processing.

In the Profile drop-down menu and select (For all GoPro cameras, including Fusion)
enable the options labeled as
Rec. 2020 Color Primaries,
High Dynamic Range,
Render at Maximum Quality