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360 Audio Workflow with 4channel file from GoPro Max

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I extract the 360 Audio (4 channel audio) with ffMPEG. How to do this you find in the Description under this video: (thank you CreatorUp)


Now I search for 360 Audio details. My questions:

  • Where is the north of the audio relativ to the camera?
  • Which format is the file? It says AmbiX, but not whether it is A- or B- format. The waveform has signals in all 4 channels, so is probably not B-format 1st order AmbiX.
  • Which is the right setting in the FB360Spatializer PlugIn in the DAW (Reaper)?
  • Do I have to convert it also with an A-B converter like with Sennheiser AMBEO?
  • Is there a manual / tutorial somebody know of?

Any information is welcome.

Thank you very much.

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Re: 360 Audio Workflow with 4channel file from GoPro Max

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Hey Johannes! So I'm still trying to figure this out too but here's what I found out so far. 


The front of the GoPro MAX without the screen is "the front" in terms of forward facing mic position. The mics on the back with the screen are indeed "behind" in a 360 space.


As far as I can tell, the audio I was able to extract with FFMPEG is b-format first order AmbiX which doesn't require any further conversion.


Depending on where you plan to publish your file, the audio still needs to be merged or "muxed" back together with the video (MP4) file. In my case, I'm publishing to YouTube for playback in 360 VR in their app.


For that, it requires you take the extracted audio and re-encode it with the gopro video file (without audio). I used the FB360 Encoder which comes with the FB360 Spatializer plugin. 


Here is my result and TBH, not 100% sure the head tracking spatialized audio is working correctly but I think it is.


I've racked my brain against the wall for the last few days trying to figure this stuff out and my head hurts but if you have any questions just let me know!

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Re: 360 Audio Workflow with 4channel file from GoPro Max

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thank you, I think you are right, it is B-Format 1st Order AmibX. Like you I use the FB360 tools. As an intermediate step I use also Reaper.


What I still don't understand how GoPro produces this file. Because you need a special microphone setup to create this spacial recording. Before the GoPro MAX I used a Zoom H2n and still think of buying a Zoom H3-VR. But the setup with the MAX is so much simpler.


In the meantime I reserach whether I can find a comparison between the MAX and the Zoom H3-VR.


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