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Re: 2 problems with Moto Z2 play and camera continuous beeping when off (standby)

Hello @mariustanya,


Thank you for the clarification, still I don't really understand the structure because if you as "admin" of the gopro forum don't have access to that level of information who has??? And what is the point of you being an interface to the customer if you can't access it, has anyone at Gopro ever raised the question?

As an example, most, if not all of the serious engineering and developpement software I use daily give direct access to their bug tracker to the customer with a valid license subscription. Opening tickets is even possible directly in some cases...

I understand that because of the number of customers you need a forum and forum admins to buffer the information... That's fine with me... but then WHY don't you have access to it, are you actually working for GoPro?


I guess I'll keep this thread hanging until I see the fix or a plausible fix date.


Thank you and sorry for my rant....

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Re: 2 problems with Moto Z2 play and camera continuous beeping when off (standby)

I understand, @theshade. We have a dedicated App team that works on these kinds of issues. We also rely on them for updates from them once issues are sorted out. That bug tracker is sure a cool and efficient way of relaying information between users and developers but that is something that we do not have at this time. We do have a venue for feedback and/or partnerships (generally any inquiry related to software or hardware that you would like to submit directly to the team) through the following: 

You may want to check them out. And yes, we'll keep this thread alive until we get new information. 


Many thanks,