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12 digit serial number in GoPro 3 White edition

Thought i would update my old thread in another section of the forums about the MAJOR stuff up done by GoPro. 

To see the stuff, please refer to this thread : My old thread


Long story short if you dont want to read a few posts in the above thread, MY GoPro Hero 3 White Edition, only came with 12 digits. When i tried updating the software, it would ask for 15 digits. TO THIS DAY, GoPro STILL hasnt acknowledged their own stuff up and i had one of their community managers try to correct me, when i needed to show him picture evidence to actually correct him. And i never heard from him again. So, they DO know of this issue, just, they dont care it seems.
Anyway, someone just sent me a PM on here about an hour ago asking what my work around was.
My solution, was from someone else posting in among these threads, that they had a very similar issue with their camera, same make and model, but it came with 13 digits, and someone else had posted up a serial number of THEIR camera to which it had 15 digits.
Here is the serial number : HD3WA1212629562

Apparently, they are supposed to start with the letters "H" and "D" as well, mine clearly does not. 
So, thanks GoPro, for stuffing up, taking peoples money without a REAL solution. Since this has happened, i have avoided GoPro's cameras like the plague cause i dont want to go through something like this again. Once bitten, twice shy the sayin goes.

Hope this helps others with this headache of GoPro's....that are not so go- pro afterall!!!
Not sure if this helps with different versions of the camera if this same issue exists on other cameras or not, so you will have to try and find out.

GoPro Hero3 White Edition Serial Number.JPG