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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

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This case was opened on 5-22-17. Today is Wednesday 6-14-17 and I’ve been waiting three days for another and hopefully more helpful reply from the CS manager.  Below is more fruitless conversation with gopro after the case was "escalated."


From: [] Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2017 2:20 PM Subject: RE: FW: HERO3+ Silver | External Microphone Issue [ ref:_00Do0HJuF._5001JRW5ol:ref ]


Hi Thank you for reaching back to me and I am happy to hear that you have found one of the items you are looking for and its currently working on your HERO3+. As discussed the other day, I would be sending you mounts that would equal to how much you will be spending. This being said, I wish to ask your stand if you want me to send the list of mounts already even if you haven't calculated yet the total amount of purchase, considering you don't have the skeleton case yet and the side door on hand? Additionally please find time in answering the link below for me to get further details so I wont be asking this information in the future. Please see link below : Address Verification This link would allow me to send the items chosen once you have decided on the correct address. I will be waiting for your response and will get back to you the soonest once I get back from rest day. Many Thanks,



The mailing address is updated. You didn’t address my questions. I don’t understand what you’re still confused about but I’ll try again. • I paid $40 for a $20 adapter. You have that receipt.

• Do you have a skeleton case that will fit my hero silver 3+ and the attached bacpac? Do you have a replacement side door for the silver 3+? If so, send the two items to me and we can get this nonsense over with.

• You understand that the gopro 3.5mm adapter cable is a KEY COMPONENT right? The external mic function will not work without this KEY COMPONENT. The skeleton case is also a KEY COMPONENT. If I don’t have this case then I can’t mount the camera. If I can’t mount the camera then neither the camera or the mic adapter will do me any good.

• In the event that you do not have the skeleton case and replacement door please direct me to a retailer that is CONFIRMED to have these items in stock and I will purchase from them and again, this nonsense will be over with.

• I’m not sure what you’re offering. I don’t want or need other accessories. What I need are these two KEY COMPONENTS that are REQUIRED for the hero3+ to work the way it was designed and advertised (with an external mic).

• Please do not send me another email without addressing my questions in a real and meaningful way. After three weeks and all the phone calls and emails and more nonsense from the forum, I’m tired. This has been beyond ridiculous.

• If you can’t provide me with the skeleton case then I’ve wasted my time, wasted the $40 on the cable and still have NO SOLUTION. If this be the case, I expect you do DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Upgrade me if you need to for God’s sakes but bring a solution this time please. Regards,

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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

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In my opinion, which I think I've already clearly explained, you aren't entitled to anything from GoPro. 

Thanks for showing that GoPro remains professional and courteous and is clearly trying to appease you best they can. I agree with you when you posted, "I DO EXPECT for someone at gopro to tell me something directly. 'We're sorry Mr. Customer but we refuse to support you'". I guess just like their products, GoPro employees are tough, durable, and give amazing service.

I thought there was a policy against posting private communications on this public forum. Of course, we are also supposed to remain polite and civil and I do realize I'm skirting that line as well.

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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

We do have a policy against posting an email sent by someone else. Generally though, if the email is from one of our Support reps, I will leave those messages up since they may help others who have similar issues. I remove the individual rep's names though (as I've done in this case).


If anyone sees posts that I've missed, please tag the "Report Inappropriate Content" link on those and we'll take a look at them.

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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

No, I'm not entitled to anything.  Gopro can run their business and provide poor customer service however they choose.  All the back and forth (and there's been LOTS of it) could have simply been avoided early on had someone offered a straight up and honest answer. 


For example:  "No, we're sorry Mr. Customer that you have all this money invested in gopro gear that was purchased just three short years ago and that we have chosen not to support our customers by maintaining inventory on several low cost KEY COMPONENTS that are neccessary for the proper function of your gear.  We take no responsibility for such matters.  You are on your own."