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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

Thanks Daniel, I know you are attempting to help me solve the problem but I intend to hold out for SOMEONE at GoPRo to address this issue seriously.  If you read my original post then you understand where I'm coming from.  It's not unreasonable to expect a serious answer from GoPRo.  Thus far, they've skirted the issue and failed to address it in any real way.

In the absence of any worthwhile assistance from GoPRo I may well be forced into paying twice the price for a used adapter.  However, that only gets me part of the way there.  I'd still like to know why the bacpac port doesn't work like it's supposed to and if it doesn't, it is just my problem to deal with? 


Assuming I were forced into this option, I also now need a new skelaton case for my silver 3+ and may as well get a replacement door since it's easy to get lost being unattached to the camera in this configuration.  I wouldn't buy the adapter unless I could be assured that GoPro could support these other items. 


The gear simply does not work as advertised.  The workaround (cable) apparently has been discontinued and by all accounts thus far, GoPRo could care less.  How many Hero 3s and 3+ were sold in the past five years?  The attitude of "well, that's 3 years old and we don't support it any more" is bull**bleep**.  I'm not okay with throwing an otherwise perfectly good camera in the trash because 1. the bacpak doesn't work with a mic like it's supposed to and 2. because GoPRo can't provide a simple $3 adapter.  I have no doubt that GoPRo would just as soon I trash all this and start over with another $400-$500 investment in their stuff but that's simply not acceptable.  Horrible way to run a business.

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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

John from our Support team is still working on finding a solution. He's sent an email with that update earlier this afternoon.

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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

type c adapters are in oler ones are out good luck  

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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

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This case was opened on 5-22.  Today is 6-6.  There have been multiple phone calls, well over ten emails and all of the back and forth posted here on the forum. 

All of this because I said "Hey GoPRo, my hero 3+ doesn't work properly with an external mic.  What should I do?"


Still nothing close to a solution of any kind being presented by GoPro.  Kinda Ridiculous don't you think?


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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

For anyone who may have a similar issue and may be following this thread, here's the most recent ridiculous response from gopro.



Thank you for getting back to us.

I already receive a response from our team regarding your case. 

The USB port on the bacpac is for charging only. No audio or other data will pass through that port. You will need the mic adapter to connect an external mic to the GoPro Camera. 

I hope this will help and clarify things. Please let me know if you have any other concerns. Have a good day!

Best Regards,

John D.
GoPro Support

And my reply back to John.........




I do not believe that you are either dumb or incompetent so why is it that you are not fully addressing my issue?


You sold me the camera not that long ago.  After numerous emails it seems you’ve determined what the port is actually used for now.  Okay, the mic won’t work with the port.  Got it.


However, in order to make the camera work properly I need this special GoPro adapter.  That’s all well and good but now you need to sell me one or point me to a retailer who has one in stock.  Also, I would need as stated several times previously, a skeleton case and a replacement door.  Can you provide those things to me or not?  If not, my camera does not work as advertised I expect some kind of solution/resolution from gopro.


If you can sell me these three items then I’m happy to pay for them.  If not, you still need to come up with a solution.  You know all of this already.  You know that gopro has discontinued (apparently) the cable that is required.  It can’t cost more than a couple of dollars to produce so it makes no sense that you would do this. 


So you either need to provide the accessory items to allow the camera to function as advertised or you need to offer another solution.  Your answer is one of putting me off…basically ignoring the entire issue and leaving me with nothing to work with.  This is an unacceptable answer. 


I’ll await your further reply.


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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

The description for the hero 3+ bacpac on Amazon says the port is intended for headphones.  The reply from gopro above states that it is for charging only.


I have asked at least five times if the same port that is intended to be used for headphones would also work with an external mic.  Apparently not even the folks at gopro are clear on what this port is used for. 

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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

I'm sorry you are having so much frustration over this but I did want to let you know that I recently purchased both the adaptor and Skelton housing on Amazon and they work great with my Rode video micro. I purchased my GoPro adaptor through a third party but it is genuine GoPro. While you may have purchased the camera 3 years ago, it was released five years ago. I understand your frustration over the consumerism mentality where products and accessories are discontinued driving the need to purchase new and upgraded devices, but it's pretty standard with technology. Inventory kills companies and you can't expect them to maintain and continue producing accessories for discontinued items. It's just not practical or good business.

On the flip side of this "negative" business model seems to be an attitude of, "I want it so give it to me" from the consumer. You purchased the camera three years ago. Why didn't you get the accessories you need then? If you are just now realizing your need, then it's up to you to adapt to the market to get what you want. The price for the adaptor might be higher now since GoPro is sold out and there is a limited supply in the market available from third parties, but that's how the market works. You're paying not only the cost of the item but also the accounting principle cost of the item sitting in the sellers inventory possibly for years. Add to that the simple fact of supply and demand and you end up with what you say it's double the price.

GoPro isn't going to call up the factory and have them create an adaptor for you. Having been a GoPro customer since the original Hero HD I know that if they had one laying around they would be happy to send it to you. But they don't, so they haven't.

Either buy the accessories you need from a third party on a site like Amazon or eBay (as you have been advised several times) or get a camera that suites your needs.

I don't want to be harsh or un-empathetic, but I just don't agree with your point of view.

All the best. I really do hope you get this figured out.
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Re: 03742562 External Mic doesn't work with Hero 3+, GoPro taking ZERO Ownership

Did you locate a NEW GoPro brand 3.5 mm mic adapter on Amazon because all I've seen are a couple of used ones that are selling for almost twice the $20 MSPR that GoPRo lists on their site.  I really prefer not to pay double for used equipment.


I DO EXPECT for someone at gopro to tell me something directly.  "We're sorry Mr. Customer but we refuse to support you and any of the other hero3 and 3+ customers we've been selling to over the course of these past five years because we've made a horrible decision not to invest a couple of hundred dollars in a KEY COMPONENT that supports these models.  This is how we are going to do business and there is nothing we can do for you."


Thus far I've not had anyone at gopro actually take ownership of this and what I've received thus far is unacceptable.


While I appreciate your attempt to educate me, I absolutely do not agree.  I have over twenty five years of working in Supply Chain Management including HP and other global brands.  I understand a bit about the various decision points along a supply chain and one of those being decision points regarding the purchase and stocking of replacement parts.  Every company is unique and it's up to each one to determine their customer and product service policies.  I understand the costs involved with stocking replacement parts very well and I understand the trade-offs in terms of profitability and customer service.  So, again, while I apprecate your opinion I'm well versed on the issue.  This little adapter is required if an external mic is going to work with the 3/3+.  How many of them were sold in the past five years?  How much does the adapter cost to produce?  Let me answer that for more than $3 each.  So, spend $300 and with one medium sized box on a shelf you now have 100 adapters with which to service customers like me in the future.  It really is that simple my friend.  To come up with any other argument tells me you don't fully understand the business side or you've just been brainwashed like most everyone else that our current trends of throwing away hundreds of dollars worth of otherwise perfectly usable hard goods and spending more of your hard earned money on the newest version is okay.  That's what apple and MS and gopro and everyone else told you was the new standard and you bought into it.  I didn't and I don't.  This is only a ploy for more gain, greed and profit....nothing more.  This business approach certainly does not build lasting brand loyalty.


I started off being a huge fan of gopro...bought the book about Nicholas Woodman and read about Bradford and Brandon.  I love innovation and success stories and I think the products are awesome.  Unfortantely, all of that has literally been thrown away by gopro 1. because of this very poor supply chain / marketing / brand loyalty decision not to stock a couple of hundred dollars worth of adapters adn 2. because honestly, I don't get the feeling that anyone at gopro could give two **bleep**s about my experience or my brand loyalty in the future.  This experience has turned a raving fan into a raging enemy of the brand.  All because they can't sell me a $3 adapter that unfortunatley appears to be the only solution to this problem.  Suffice it to say I won't have much of anything positive to say about the brand going forward nor will they receive any more of my hard earned cash.  I think it's a very short-sighted and greedy way to do business.  But, there's certainly no law against poor product management / brand marketing / supply chain decisions and no laws against really bad customer service.  There we have it.