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There's a problem with the camera. Sometimes it gets stuck in the water and doesn't turn off. You have to come out of the water and turn on the battery to work. So I called the head office and told them to fix it elsewhere.I can't do it as head Is the gofro one-time? They said they don't know how to watch the video even though they sent it.If you want to buy something else, why would you buy it like this?I'm so offended.Please show me your visit to Korea.
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Re: 문제있어요

This is a member to member support community. We are not GoPro. If you would like to leave feedback, you can do so here
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Re: 문제있어요

As @danielr15  said, you'll need to contact GoPro customer services for help with your issue.  However next time you're using the camera underwater, you may want to disable/locl the back screen first.  This will stop the water being read as multiple inputs on the screen and crashing the camera.