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Re: ヒーロー3+パスワードわからない

@braveflare0751, your password would have been at least 8 characters long, with no spaces or special characters. If you are having a hard time remembering your password, changing your Wi-Fi name and password can be done by following a few easy steps.

  1. From the HERO3+ update page click "Update your camera manually" to begin. 
  2. On the first page, enter your serial number and registration information and then click "Next Step." 
  3. On the next page, select 'Wi-Fi & Firmware Update' with the blue check mark and click "Next Step." 
  4. On the next page, enter your new camera name and password. 
  5. Follow the steps from STEP 2 through the LAST STEP on this link:


If the camera does not initiate the update it can be because the camera is not recognizing the update on the SD card. You will want to make sure to follow all of the instructions as outlined on the GoPro website's update page to ensure no steps are being missed. I do also have some suggestions here that should help get the update working. 

  • Make sure the UPDATE folder is unzipped/extracted, before placing it on the SD card. If the folder is compressed, the camera will not be able to read it; 
  • Ensure the UPDATE folder does not have any additional characters in the folder title, i.e. "UPDATE (1)". The camera will only recognize a folder titled "UPDATE", in upper case letters with no additional characters; 
  • Format the SD card before placing the update folder in the root of the card (format on your computer, or DELETE ALL files in the camera's Delete menu); 
  • Be sure to place the entire UPDATE folder on the root level of the SD card. 


Let us know how it works for you.