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My Private Cannonball Run

Last November I did a Cannonball Run in my Lemons racer Opel GT. I've written up our story for teh Opel magazine and readers requested a book that fills in the details. That's almost done and will be available soon. Now I can finally start on the video, except there was a probelm.


We had five Session 5's in and on the car and with a 122 hour run out and back (under 48 hours for the return trip) we needed to use the Smart Remote to turn the cameras off and on.


The video quality is great, I'll grant you that and I am pleased with that, but controlling the cameras? Really, really, really not good. Initially I was able to connect to the cameras using the iPhone app but later on this was somewhere between unreliable to not working at all. After a lot of fussing I managed to get my Smart Remote to control the cameras, but again, unreliable. And at times the cameras would lock up, not respond to any remote commends or even the record button on the camera itself. In the end, for the whole run back to California, I had to use the "record" button to start/stop the cameras, menaing the camera on the roof and rear were not available.


Please note that by "unreliable" I mean the camera is worse than useless. It's the date that doesn't show, the check that does not arrive on time. It's not just a let-down, it ruins plans, kills opportunities.


Back at home I'm still having problems with these cameras. With the camera merely feet from my iPhone it can find it (WiFi) but not connect using Bluetooth. I'd get another camera and try, and succeed, but then it would freeze.


Basically, it seems that any attempt at remote control will cause these cameras to fail.


At a race a few weeks later I used the "record" button to start/stop recording. That worked.


GoPro sells these cameras promising both video capture and remote control. Remote control does not work. They should quit selling these cameras. I bought five Session 5's plus a lot of accessories. All told, about $2000 spent, and I am seriously thinking of boxing them up to send in for repair/replacement, and/or buying cheap Chinese knock-offs instead.


Sincerely (hoping you'll fix this problem),