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GoPros in road racing

I'm surprised no one has posted anything here yet.


I road race an Opel GT in the 24 Hours of LeMons. A typical race is 8 hours on Saturday and 6.5 on Sunday, and occasionally a true 24-hour race. I generally record the whole race, capturing the action using four cameras and four mics.




For years I had been using a DataToys system to record the whole weekend of racing. The system included four cameras and four stereo microsphones. It was an ideal setup where once the cameras and mics are set up I throw one switch and all four cameras start recording. Using 64 GB membory cards I could get the whole weekend's racing. These were somewhat older systems, however, recording in SD format, and I wanted better.


So here I am trying to figure out how to get the GoPros to work that seamlessly. It looks like 128 GB cards will catch a day of racing, about 8 hours. Of course the GoPros will get power from the car.


The microsphones are another issue. Two cameras will be mounted outside the car, two inside. I need to use remote mics to minimize wind noise and I want to dedicate one mic to radio comms. GoPro does offer devices for extranal mics, but they have to be located next to the cameras. There are no extension cables as far as I can tell. A 1-foot cable would work for me, but a 3 and 6 fotter would be better.


I wish there was a boot or some other covering available for the external cameras to protect them from rain. WIth the external mic I'll need to remove the door and plug in a cable.


I also wish there was an extension cord for the power. I think a 3 footer and a 6 and 12 footer will do.


I just ordered the remote. I hope it has a feature that will let me start/stop recording on all four cameras at the same time.



Team Tinyvette

At around 2 PM Sunday Ben takes the wheel for what we hoped would be the last stint of the race. We had a real chance of taking the Class B win and a top-20 finish overall. To to this Ben would need to conserve fuel and keep the car our for nearly 2.5 hours. That didn't quite happen, but 4th in ...
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Re: GoPros in road racing

I forgot to mention that I am planning on using the Session 5. I have one now I am testing with.

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Re: GoPros in road racing
For an App, I would suggest Harry's LapTimer, supported on iOS and Android which can control multiple cameras and can record the telemetry.